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The Institution for the Pyramid of Knowledge aka The Great Big Beautiful Black Pyramid of Knowledge

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A pinch of SEA SALT and a glass of pure water will take illness and cancer away.


Welcome to the Kingdom land of the Pyramids

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BHM - WHITE TEXT TORAH and the importance of Numbers 28

' The Pyramid Of Knowledge '    Author Joe 'Sarge' Kinney reveals, that a pinch of Sea Salt, a fistful of sugar, and a jug of clean water, (a variation of the water cure) a simple elixir known as ORS oral rehydration solution ORS, has saved tens of millions of people from death by dehydration since 1970

THE FIFTEEN {15} FATHER’S The Name’s of the Auwvim / Father’s

1. - Yetschaq / Isaac Foundational Principal of Sacrifice’s and Joy

2. - BAARLechaiRai - The Foundational Principal of Sight of Understanding
3. - RESHúN - Foundational Principal of Mind of Knowledge

4. - AVEREHHEM - Foundational Principal to Establish Hear ing and Consciousness

5. - MALEKKIYTSEDEQ - Foundational Principal to Extend Hearing and Consciousness

6. - ALOZAR - Foundational Principal of States

7. - Aharúwan - Foundational Principal of Illumination

8. - Nadav - Foundational Principal of Impartations
9. - GERENHhaAUWERNEHHhaYAVúWSI Foundational Principal of Examinations

10. - AVIYAHUA - Foundational Principal of Becoming

11. - BAARSHEVOG - Foundational Principal of Perfections and Completions

12. - AYITHAMAR - Foundational Principal of Towering Strength
13. - Yaoquv - Principal of Bearing Fruit Through Which Transpositions Occur

14. - AL BAYIT AL - Principal to Open and Extend the Seed

15. - ShmuwÁL - Foundational Principal of a Seed Name