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 From Star Field's Above and Beyond
The reason that no one has ever heard of this important message before is because there never was a qualified receptacle to receive it. Shmual Wahli is the foremost authority in Paleo Hebrew.


The Firey Law       The Law of Liberty        The 22 Fire Letter's and Numbers  

160,000 WORD'S 'Masoretic text' - Jewish Bible--

"Where everyone got the scriptures from" 

Author Joe ‘Sarge’ Kinney -  Manuscript   THE TORAH    ‘To Know’           Page 1

T e ú w r a h - T o r a h  'TO KNOW ’  AL / YHWH / Ha Waw Ha Yud << R. to L. <<<


 Written by: Author Joe ‘Sarge’ Kinney            

A Worldly Man Writing About A Spiritual Man’s ALhhim/Elohyim/God 

Unto The Qadam - East We Go !

  Because of the Author, some may call this a secular book but, once you get past the mortal messenger, and start reading and understanding this message of LIGHT this  work of Fire itself, becomes writer/messenger for AL / YHWH / YahúWah

Through my lengthy research of Life and it’s deep mysteries, here enclosed is what I     have learned thus far about the big question’s concerning the natural and supernatural;     as I sought long and hard for the face of AL/God.
You shall now be exposed to how life began and who started it. Put this book down if you want to stay dull and ignorant all your life and being just a gazer      and an onlooker when you arrive to wherever it is that you think that you are  going when you die; instead of being a Light Being

And having brought forth all of her Fire Letter's, Wisdom asked, “What is my Name?”

                                    And as Wisdom looked at the Fire Letter's, the Fire Name YHWH -  Ha Waw Ha Yud <<R. to L. << AL / YHWH YahúWah was formed and spoken. Wisdom looked at her finger’s blazing with Fire and saw her vessel of Light glowing: and she verified: “ I Am YahúWah ”h w h y, I Am the Inscriber of Light and I Am the laúwach / tablet/calendar LamedWawChet of Light: “ I Am the Blesser, and I Am the Keeper ---------

-”Light is starting to filter through now, to the nation’s - the veil's of the curtain’s are being opened for us. Sun shine and bright day’s are on the horizon. No fairy story here, no children’s bedtime nursery rhyme’s. This is an adult book, a mature walk with supernatural implication’s. You shall now be exposed to how life began and who started it. Put this book down if you want to stay dull and ignorant all your life and being  ‘In The Know.’ If eternity interest you let's enter now into the world of AL / YHWH / YahúWah into an existence of Pure Light and everlasting pure knowledge. Come on! Enter.

I’m just an ordinary guy and look what I’ve found! Just a regular guy, with the desire TO KNOW

22 Fire Letter’s t c r q x p o s n m l k y f j z w hi d g b A

                To Know: Without the Offering ALhhim; Teúwrah / Torah Fire Sacrifice's; Number’s 28-29, you are not giving back to ALhhim-Elohyim's Sacrifice's are      FOREVER & EVER“

To Know is LIKE/BETTER then a romance novel with a happy ending ”