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Black Text is corrupt
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The Most High never told man to kill anything
13th Month HhaBeruwkeh
Chakra 'The Wonder Bird'
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The Most High speaks

An urgent message for all humankind from the "Most High" 

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TheAncient Paleo Hebrew Torah Light Principle's of YHWH now almost completely translated shows no evidence that the Most High said these word’s to Moses and to King David--------(and others).

“ I Command all of you to Butcher human’s by:  WAR, DEATH and Torture; inflict extreme pain, and cause anguish, HATRED.”  Slaughter and perform Genocide: {murder of entire ethnic group: the systematic killing of all the people from a national, ethnic, or religious group, or an attempt to do this}  Practicing cruelty, annihilation’s and destructions- With your God, show no mercy, none ! Authorized by the God head to be greedy and selfish and conquer the land and it’s people's and be separate with blood on your hands.The black ink of the black text scriptures is corrupt.

Part 1  Page 2          Medulla

         Teraysarons: Testifying of the Teraysaron construct of united Names. These Two Teraysarons are the Mountain’s of YahúWah. In Hebrew, the pyramid’s are known as the Teraysarons which are housed within the scrolls, for all of Wisdom and Understanding are written in the Torah, and as you study the Torah so you find the word’s of eternal Life (II Barnava / 2 Timothy 3:15; Mishneh Torah / Deut. 30:15-20).

Note: In the illustration of the two Pyramid: there are two twisted strands in the shape of the ancient letter Taw / X / 22. These strands, known as the decussation (shaped like a cross: having the shape of a cross), of Pyramids, refer to the joining of Name’s which provides the foundation and the means to fully construct the Teraysaron complex of YahúWah.Shewbread commonly rendered as “showbread ”

Shulchan Panyim = The Table of the Faces
Table of Shewbread Shulchan haPanyimFormulations of the Quphah-Paúwah QP and the Hhúwa-Gammal Ring’s of HhaALhhim; Table/NCLS of the Sayings / Faces / MYNPH—upon which the 12 loaves of Light are formulated and arranged upon the sabbath, whereby the thoughts are arranged within a season/month and for each evening and day of the month; the 12 loaves upon the Table are the formulation of the thoughts of Light that are metered out according to the oylah / burnt offering of the evening and the morning; the Bread is partaken of daily, Medulla6 portions are eaten in the evening and 6 portions are eaten in the morning; the Bread is renewed upon the shavbet sabbath by the House of Qahhath / Kohath, as within the shavbet are the summations of the day’s enacted as well as the days proceeding; the Bread is distinguished as portions of Understanding for the evening and portions of Wisdom for the morning; the construct of the Bread is via the Rings of HhaALhhim, whereby it is called the Bread of HhaALhhim/The Elohyim/The God’s verses being the Bread of the Tribes [TK/Lev 21:1-22; 22:25]; the sides of Wisdom unite to form the bread of the morning, and the sides of Understanding unite to form the Bread of the evening; the evening bread is the union of the Ring around and the Ring within on the side of Understanding, thus the 6 portions are formed with the beaten grain of the Zayin+Úwah, Hhúwa +Dallath, Mayim+Neúwn, Lammad+Kephúw, Shayin +Rayish, and Qúphah +Tsada; the morning portions are the unity of the sides of the Ring’s: Alphah +Bayit, Gammal+Dallath, Chayit+Tayit, Yeúwd+Kephúw, Semek+Oyin, and Paúwah+Tsada, the Tsada, depicting liberty is the final portion of the Bread, whereby it is called the Bread of Liberty; the union of the Letters are according to their solidarity in forming HhaTsur/The Rock; the Bread is on the Table of the Faces, HhaShulchanPanayim, in which are the Faces of HhaALhhim whereby we partake of the revelation’s of the HhaALhhim in accordance with the oylah offering,

                  whereby it is commonly rendered as “showbread”; a spreading out/CLS of the ideograms/N of being/MYNPH; ref. to the plate of the tongue—the table in the midst of the Faces upon which the bread/teaching's/ under-standings are placed for full expression of inward measurements; the means to extend fully the illumination resident within the soul; one half of the loaves are received each evening & morning, according to the evening offering the morning oylah follows; the daily bread pertains to the thoughts emanating from the offering within the Rings of HhaALhhim, and are released== in accordance of the one giving and the extent of the gift as one performs the offering, the month and the positions of the Lights affect the formulations of the bread prepared by Qahhath / Kohath; lit., Wisdom’s/S instruction and guidance/L concerning covenant, arising/C in

conjunction with the quest/N of enlightened/H utterances/P to unfold/N all being extended/Y through the transmissions of thought/M; the bread is renewed on the four shebetut/sabbaths during a month; the loaves are imparted daily for the sequential six days through the gate opening on the shavbet/sabbath; one-half is partaken in the morning for Chakmah, being the parts composed by the pairs of Letters in the south, & one-half in the evening composed by the pairs of Letters in the north; the portions for the day on the right side are the breads for observation / implementation into deeds; the portions for the evening on the left side of the table being the bread of meditation; the right side portions are for Aparryim, Meneshah, BeNiyman, RAuwáben, Shamoúnn, and Gad; the left portions are for Dan, Ayshshur, and Nephetli, Yahúdah, Yishshakkar, Zebúwlan; the portions of the Bread are the foundation for the Word of Knowledge; the Breads are for the hours of the twelve hours of the day.

-------------------cakes challot

square, perforated cakes that correspond to the workmanship of the altar/jbzm and that signify a mind focused on the altar/the heart; pastry made of fine flour; from the root llj, meaning “to wound, weaken, violate, profane, redeem”; connotes teachings composed through the bruising, opening, and application of concepts (beaten grain and beaten oil) working through the natural state, that their inherent spiritual force might appear as refined/fully developed; to prepare / provide instruction/teachings that administer renewal; ascension instruction that unites us unto our totality (working us as the Bread of Teúwrah/Torah in the process); also: maturity.

In coming to the Table, we receive the Bread via the hands. For the Bread is positioned upon the tongue from the fingers of the Kohen/Priest. In that each of the fingers correspond to the 12 inner houses, so we place the fingers of the right hand upon the right pyramid and the fingers of the left hand upon the left pyramid. Using the associated fingers for each tribal Union, we receive the Bread from the gates of Pyramids. From the index fingers, we receive the thought’s to weave all thoughts according to values (Aphrayim-Yahúdah) and to extend the stature of your Name according to your position in the House of Yahweh (Manasseh-Yissachar). Position the middle fingers upon the 2 pyramid bases, slighty moving them toward the center. Receive the thoughts of all Seeds within the lands (States/Ten Lands), of your dwellings (Benyamin-Zebulun), and the thoughts to judge / evaluate all concepts with open eyes (Dan-Reuben).

The Seeds of Benyamin, to grow within your lands of Zebulun, are imparted to you daily according to your progression of service (Manasseh-Yissachar). Position the third finger (known as the ring finger) closer toward the center of the MEDULLA and it transmits the thoughts which pertain to affirming all discerned with expansion / hearing (Asher-Shimeon). Finally, bring the little fingers upon the pyramids into the center of the MEDULLA and receive the thoughts of contemplation / meditation unto the articulation / SAYINGS OF FIRE (Naphtali-Gad). As you perform with the hands, the giving and receiving of the Breads, affirm that the meditations of your heart and the words of your mouth are according to the Expressions of YahúWah alone.With the words of FIRE, now in your mouth, breathe upon the offering upon your altar. As you breathe upon the offering and inhale, you consume the entire offering by the FIRE that comes down from the Head (Torat haKohanim / Leviticus 9:24; Shophetim / Judges 6:21;Sefer Melachim Aleph / 1 Kings 18:38). In this way, you build-up the Temple of your Name daily according to the Mind of YahúWah and renew your Mind with the thoughts at the Table of the Faces. Table of Shewbread Shulchan haPanyim. Affirm the unity of your Name of thought, realizing that each of our Names is a strand of thought in the Corporate House of YahúWah. Declare that you are of One Mind, belonging to the Faces of YahúWah; being of the Union of Light’s, of One Name; dwelling in the Teraysarons of Immortality; sharing the Glory that can only be known in Unity and standing upon the One Rock of our Salvation.

With these words and their performance, cross over into the KadoshhaKadoshim / the Holy of Holies and stand in the midst of the Golden Angels which are upon the Aron / Ark. Hearken to hear the Voice of YahúWah in the midst of the Keruvim / Golden Angels. Transfer all properties of Thought from your reflected state of being into your Actual State of Light, whereby you create a flow of information from your dwellings of learning to your dwellings of service in the House of YahúWah.

The Birds ---Offerings of UnderstandingThe offerings of Understanding are composite Thoughts of FIRE that pertain to maintaining the Unity amidst the foundation of Wisdom and the extensions of Knowledge. This offering is also made during day’s of cleansing / whitenings. Amongst them are the Rams which depict the honor of Wisdom via which the branches of Knowledge proliferate. Likewise, the birds, which depict messages of Understanding that come to lodge in the midst of the branches of Knowldege. The offering of the bird’s are made upon child bearing or bringing forth a Name.

The feeding of the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes are references to the seven scrolls of HhaTeúwrah/Torah: the five scrolls of Bread, being the first 5 documents of HhaTeúwrah/The Torah (Bible) plus the 2 scroll’s of Joshua Yahushúo & Shuphetim/Judges depicting the fish, being scrolls of the Knowledge of Baniymin; the eating of fish denotes partaking of the Neúwn composite Mind of Letter’s and does not refer to eating an animal. (Within the Medulla
Teraysarons, testifying of the Teraysaron construct of united Names. These Two Teraysarons are the Mountain’s of YahúWah).   X- at the base of the brain are two 2 pyramid’s, Via the uniting of our Name’s, the House of YahúWah is built. Our Union of Name’s bring forth the expressions of Unity according to the foundation of Queen (South/Wisdom) Chokmah, whereby all things convey the Principle of Being One. When two strands of Light / Names come together, they form the Taw / 22 / X; the outer nature of Esau that once existed is now HEALED by the possessing of the Raphaim Thought process and a new / renewing State of Union is formed. Within the Medulla - at the base of the brain are two 2 pyramid’s;