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The Most High never told man to kill anything
13th Month HhaBeruwkeh
Chakra 'The Wonder Bird'
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Continue                             These are amongst the saying’s: SepherMaoshahBeRashshith /Genesis, which speak of Adim acquiring ChaúWah/Eve. In this manner, YahúWah possesses YishARAL as a bride, whereby the full Numbers of all Name’s of HhaALhhim have a tent in which to abide. The unified consciousness possesses all states of thought into comprising a unified house of all Name’s.
                                 THE SEA AND THE HEAVEN’S The Sea is of 7 level’s as are heavens above it; together they are seven or complete The sea is of 7 level’s as are the heavens above it; together they are seven or complete. The sea issev en from The Body of HhaALhhim unto the depths of Chakmah. The heaven’s are seven/7 from the Charasham unto the heights of MmessengersThis document will have to be enlarged for you to read itount Aurrat. {14}(Get diagram from AA on web)

The Yellow Song Bird  Bird's are messenger's

F IR E - The Hebrew Fire Bird Chakra messengers This document will have to be enlarged for you to read it


This is not magic, it’s WONDERMENT The Names are given to each vapor based on the Number’s that are within the vapors.Therefore the vapors / Adim are the Offspring of the Thought’s of the ALhhim. The vapor’s become faces or expressions to carry the Thought’s of the Collective ALhhim into ongoing deed’s, whereby the offerings of HhaALhhim continue and do not cease.

The formulations of the Named Adim are the result of the ongoing offerings/oylut of ALhhim.

The PhraseERAHLO Is Best Rendered As To Move Swiftly-- The Offspring of Adim (Adam /mda/ 144) are the result of the performance of the ALhhim and not a con-templation to recreate themselves as another body.As a result of the performance of HhaALhhim, the Adim are formulated. These formulation’s of Unified Mind’s of HhaALh- him extend the Body of ALhhim, whereby the Adim and ALhhim are One Body. Dominion of the Adim(Adam) are not to be read as to have rule over animals nor other being’s; to come to exercise mastery as the ALhhim with fullillumination that is contained within their vapor’s. The five level’s of dominion commence with the Letter /W/6 Úwah, which denotes that the Adim are of the Unity of HhaALhhim and become fully aware of the Light’s within them, whereby they have dominion with the NeúwnMind/14/N.To be- comeilluminated, whereby the Adim move uninhibited—swiftly to carry forth the illumination over all states of Aúrets / Earth /ERAHLO in all level’s of consciousness, whereby they do not become servants/slave’s of the lands that they are given to extend their expres- sions / face’s. The phrase /ERAHLO is best rendered as to move swiftly in accordance with, Orpertaining to the Aúrets / Earth.

The ancient Paleo HebrewOriginal TorahLight Principle’s ofAL / YHWH,now almost completely translatedshowsno evidence that the Most High said these word’s to Moses and to King David--------------- “ I Command all of you to Butcher human’s by:WAR, DEATHandTorture; inflict extreme pain, and cause anguish, HATRED. ”Slaughterand perform Genocide:{murder of entire ethnic group: the systematic killing of all the people from a national, eth- nic, or religious group, or an attempt to do this}--Practicing cruelty,annihilation’s and destruc- tions -With your God, show no mercy, none !Authorizedby the Godhead to be greedy and selfish and conquer the land and it’s peoples and be separate withblood on your hands? 89 The Song Bird Bird’s are winged messengers Chakra The Hebrew Fire Bird C hak ra A messenger of the Torah Love We have, you have, they have been worshipping some god, spelled backwards as dog, all these centuries and we were murderer’s MURDER’S---------- (crime of killing somebody: the crime of killing another person deliberately and not in self-de fense or with any other extenuating circumstanceEncarta ®World English Dictionary ©&(P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved) are murderer’s, and will continue to be assassins’ living in total darkness; But, with this message we can change the face of the
planet in it’s thinking and in our actions of how to conduct our selves with stranger’s

The women or man reading this message and turning their back on itwill certainly / definitely be acknowledged /known throughout the univer ROM “STAR FIELD’S ABOVE” and BEYOND Shmual say’s that: ‘ I knew immediately that I had Teúwrah / Torah [Scripture’s]when I began to study HebrewTHOUGHT ’ ‘Study with us unto the day’s of Noah: in which we shall begin to see
Messiah’s coming / appearancein the cloud ’s,’ say’s Shmual,
‘the suspended form’s of Spirit-Man.’
Chakra “The Wonder Bird”

I learned in my research that enlightenment alone will not be the key to open the gate’s; but if you walk now, in all revealed, then you will receive further extension's of mercy.Torah gate's will not be open if we willfully walk in sin and reject the greatexpense of mercy shown to us; but by opening up our heart's to the mercy, we turn away from sin and bring forth theknowledge of the TorahMan. And here, Shmual say’s that he has often wondered why some could enterinto TorahLight studies, and why other’s have their eye's closed. And it’s all related to the appropriation’s ofMERCY.

For a man does not come unto the holy of holies just by the effort’s of the mind, alone. So the Author thinks that thinking those ole THOUGHT’S that you are thinking, you must now consider TORAH THOUGHT’S AND LEARN HOW TO PERFORM 90 88 Chakra is a creation of the author - The Wonder Bird is a children’s story ( Isn’t he cute )? 89 Isaac, Yetschaqlaughter; the expression of release, delight — the joy of wonderment that follows circumcision of Avraham and YishmogAL /Ishmael; the delight in behold- ing Teúwrah/Torah and the world with unveiled eyes; state of joy as one abides upon the base of Wisdom and within the boughs of Knowledge whereby one fills their houses with Knowledge; the state of abiding beneath a hanging vine;having the joy/laughter of Understanding, state of immortal occupancy of the lands, characteristic distinguishing the offspring of faith; the mastery of the branches according to their mission and devotion; being loved; happiness; attainment of rest arising out of the transformation of statute/ Principle / law /qj----------
------Even as joy flows as meditation breaks open in spiritual release, transforming the code of the black text {Bible}unto the white text revelation (Paleo Torah); the joy that
occurs via transforming from one state unto another; the offering of Yetschaq / Isaac
teaches us that YahúWahdesires aliving sacrifice; though YahúWah tells Avraham to
sacrifice the unified offspring of one’s Breath (a son),Yahú Wah Explain’s---that the
acceptable sacrifice is to offer our sonour potential construct of the formativ e, congru-
ent Ring’s of our Breath; through the inner harmony-- haShayh/The Lamb, our offering becomes the perpetual emanation of Wisdom.
Our birth within the Oyin O Land’s is through our inner harmony, being the formulation’s within us that are called/read to bring forth living emanations from our Name that are appointed unto the Unified Name; doing the commandments YahúWah expands our understanding, as it is written: Blessed is doer,not hearer, of the Teúwrah / Torah.YahúWah gives us explanations and teaching’s that we would not otherwise receive as we obey and do the unified Word’s.Laughter begets Yaoquv / Jacob / Gen. And 21---year’s old, when his son Isaac was born unto him.

And Sarah said, God hath made me tolaugh}--- supplantation / overthrow of outward dominance by attaining an understanding / consciousness of the holy within; the birthing of Yitschak /Isaac occurs as we cross into the ten land’s of the Oyin Body wherein we bring forth the fruit from the loins of Yaoquv / YisharAL. We are all ONE Yapheth, Cham and Shem THE RED ONES We are One Breath FOR PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING We acknowledge that all Names comprise the House of YahúWah, and that we are not to separate ourselves according to color’s of skins and hair nor shapes of the eyes. While allcolor’s and hues pertain to thought’s, there is One United Name—ALOZAR to which we all belong, in that we are emanation’s of and are The Word from whichLi ht co m es . 91 The organization of our designs attest to our common heritage. We have oneblood.We areADAM—THE RED ONES.O ur skin is a spectrum of red:pink, ,rouge,auburn,chestnut, som e lighter,some darker------ Ourcoloration agent is the same in all of us—the melanin pigment. Ourhues are determined not by the differencesin the color or number of melanocytes,but rather by melanocyte activ ity that gives usourshade of red. The commonality of our redness is according to our havingTHE SAME RED BLOODand the same spark of the EternalFlame, each of us being aRed Coal of Wisdom that can never be extinguished.The hue of red may be matched on the following color chart, the Pantone Color Formula guide (PMS colors numbers 497 through 502 displayed). We are comprised of 1) Name: aFiery Breath, 2) Openings: the means for our Name and thought’s to expand and be expressed, and 3) a Form: a dwelling state/body. Our expressions of Breath are communicated via soul that interfaces with our servant body. As the traits of Name’s unite and develop, a soul blossoms.

These three branches of life are unfolded in the story of Noah’s three children: Yapheth, Cham and Shem Cham / Ham corresponds to the manifestation of life--the form of
each person in whose lands the children of Shem, aka the House of Israel
YiSARAL come appear and multiply. The tribes of YiSARAL are a branch-
ing of a Name / Shem. The branches are known as the twelve tribes corre-
spond to the twelve part’s, for which there is a land for every tribe. These
twelve branches are housed in all Mankind to inherit the manifestation of
Cham------the Word State of the Land’s, commonly called the Promise Land.Yapheth corresponds to the openings around which the body forms and via which theBreath, soul and body expand. Each body is formulated like a flute that is cast around a mold of opening’s. These openings are known as the gate’s / chakras that enable the Fiery Breath, The Soul, an d body form’sto communicate. “Unto the Earth that is beyond this planet” There is no profit to disdain another or to exalt one self above an- other for any bias.All self exaltation lead’s to the standing off of the Foundation of Life. Whatever we bring forth out of our Thought’s, to that we are joined. If we bring forth a child, our identity is within that child; likewise, we are bound via the words and deed’s that come forth from our houses / habitation’s.

Let us embrace our perfect unity that we may come to com- prehend and enter into the wonderment of our collective progressionsunto the Earth that is beyond this planet. Let us cease to war over forms, lands or idea’s, for such wars92 take us down dead-end streets.Let us confirm that we are the same as our neighbor. The Master Name YahúWah is cherished to expand within each of us; the Eternal Faces of theLight radiate toward us daily through grace, and the Eternal Facesofthe Light arise within us unto our completeness of being—Peace.

We are a Path to all who seek from every corner of the Universe. We feed from our hand the mouth’s of all that open for truth and love and quest for the Land’s of Avraham.
Out of the Rock comes the Ten Saying’s -

From out of the Rock comes the Ten Saying’s. The first five saying’s areStates of Liberty according to the Nature of all Names. In that all Names are formless as YahúWah, the statements convey the freedom from being bound to any form and the Intelligence to maintain the freedom. These first five saying’s are spoken by the Neun/14/5. Through the initial five saying’s all restrictions, form’s, and enslave- ments are invalidated forever.The Nature of the FormlessLightisaf- firmed.The second five saying’s are spoken of from the Ha/H /5 within the Tsur / HhaTsur / The Rock / 44 which are the support of the first five. These saying’s pertain to our expressions and relationships with all in the Union of theLight’s.There is no murder —no cessation nor silencing of any part or member /BODY PART’S within us. There isno deception or enticement into forms {bodies} or thoughts of one member to another. There is no need to steal or rob from one part, for all things belong to us collectively and are without partiality. There is no lie to be told, nor hiding one part from another,for all members are face to face within the four square at all times.

There is no desire nor envy of another in that we comprehend
that the collectively of all parts are One; each part has gifts to comprise the
wholeness of a Name. Thus we desire not that any member should be incom-
plete, for it would mar the wholeness.Should any one member be deprived,
then the whole shall Suffer and the head becomes wounded. As a unified Name, we discern fully all that is within our Name and seek for the completeness in all Names to which we belong. The realization of a Name being united is that no member will violate another member nor cause any member within to be enslaved to another part.

The eye’s will not lead astray another member via lust nor trickery. The
tongue will not carry a word to insult another; the ear will not entertain that
which will counterattack the interior values; etc. As a united Name one lives
according to the Union of their sides and all members walk in liberty accord-
ing to the formless Nature of YahúWah. Within the Ten commandment’s
Saying’s, the 1st and 6th are paired as Associated thoughts; the 2nd with 7th, 3rd with 8th, 4th with 9th, and the 5th with the 10th. 93 The Ten Sayings illustrate how the Neun branches into the two sides of the leúwach/tablet .5 + .5 from which comes the leúwach(calendar) of days, months, and the years. As the hours/part’s of a day and night do not dishonor each other, but are complimentary to comprise a complete actofLight, so are the part’s within a Unified Name. Each part, as it is honored and placed upon
the mizbaach /altar, upholds the Unified Name to which it belongs. In perfect Unity of all parts / member’s comes the saying, “Oh,how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity[Tehillah 133:1].” At sides of ark are book’s of the Law. In the Zayin/7/Zare the haMitswot / commandment’s. The Waw/6/ww, is at the side which holds the Word’s of the haChuqot / Statues andhaMishmeteth / The Charge. As noted above, in the Ha/5/H are haDev arim / The Word’s of the South.

The Daleth/4/D serves the Neun/14/N to bring forth the words of the haMishpatim/Judgement’s. Itis evident between those that do the Teúwrah/Torah with the Mind of HhaKuwáhnim/The Priest and those who study the Teúwrah/Torah with those from the nation’s; for the ones who study with HhaKuwáhnim do the words ofHhaTeúwrah/The Torah unto the wholeness of the Collective, but those who do the Teúwrah by the mind’s of the goyim / nation’s do so unto their own insight’s Without understanding When the spiral’s become condensed into a few rings, one does not comprehend the vastness of the dwelling spaces that pertain to their Name nor is their inner houses filled with the Lights of the 70. This is what it means that the carnal mind does not know Yusaph / Joseph for it knows not the extent of all that is in Yusaph and the ring’s that are brought out of Yusaph/Joseph. As the spiral’s are folded and stacked upon each other, the inner houseisdimmed and the spaces are small.The spaces between the rings have yet to open,being that the Breath is not designated to expand the Ring of Consciousness and to fill the Temple with the Light of theSHAH / Lamb---{ No one rejects everything, for unless one eats, drinks, and inhales there is an isolation unto death; the term,ayisha inhalingactivity of Fire, contains the wordShah/hc which we accept / take on the10th day of Yahúdah; we receive of the Reúwch/Breath being mouth to mouth/portal to portal; bothayisha andShahcontain the matrix via which we compose our Names and progression’s. For each of our houses----our tribal camps of thought’s,we are to take theShah/hc, the Wisdom of Breath which holds within it the construct of the thought’s of the Queens}---The Land of Mitsraim/Egypt are the outer dimensions of the spiral’s which provide dis- tinction andcolor to every thought that comprises full consciousness.                   MIS-READING THE WRITING'S                                             The Ancient script, text, sayings, writings, from the Paleo Hebrew Torah, shows no evidence that the Most High ever told anone to kill anyone or... (More) The Ancient script, text, sayings, writings, from the Paleo Hebrew Torah, shows no evidence that the Most High ever told anone to kill anyone or anything. Never, ever! (Less) Religion Theologybibletorahsacred namesthe darkness of the butcher chroniclespaleo hebrew(more tags)ReligionTheologybibletorahsacred namesthe darkness of the butcher chroniclespaleo hebrewthe white text torahmisreading the writingshow to acheive world peaceancient script does not say the most high said to kill anyone or anythingthe big threehebrewbayit,

The Ancient script, text, sayings, writings, from the Paleo Hebrew Torah, shows no evidence that the Most High ever told anone to kill anyone

The Ancient script, text, sayings, writings, from the Paleo Hebrew Torah, shows no evidence that the Most High ever told anone to kill anyone or anything. Never, ever!

Religion Theology bible torah sacred names the darkness of the butcher chronicles paleo hebrew Religion Theology bible torah sacred names the darkness of the butcher chroniclespaleo hebrewthe white text torahmisreading the writing show to acheive world peace ancient script does not say the most high said to kill anyone or anything                   the big three Hebrew bayit (fewer)