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THE BIG THREE - EGYPT, YishARAL and , I ran across this dialog between him and some emailer: This person ask, ‘In Shmual’s teaching’s, where then do we find the One who came to shed His Blood for us because, Shmual appears to be saying that the only part of our Bible that is valid, is the Torah?’ under joesargekinney Masoretic text Jewish Bible), The writing’s within each person are of life itself, the White Text is of

AL YahúWah; the writing’s of the so called Black Text/Bible are of men composed by some inspiration or sorrow fully composed by greed. Or, those Black Text writing’s are composed by the Church Father’s in sheer ignorance!‘Hey!’ Shmual exclaims, ‘what if you found out that the so called Bible’s as you know them today, are wrong? [Isn’t this what we areWhat would you think then? What could you think, wherever it is that you are at this time, that you have been binding your selves to some religious literature that was not correct, misunderstood, misread or mis-represented; Won’t you be pretty dismayed, to say the least? Would you not think then, that you could have believed this work [Paleo Torah Light], that you could have been reading this White Text Torah all this time, but you bound yourself and your friend’s, family and loved one’s, to the ink of some ole Black ink / Text, off of the press?

White Text TorahThis world is NOT the Kingdom of HhaALhhim/The Elohyim/The God's

The faction’s of the religion’s of the world have taught us how to conduct the most bitter wars for the sake of their God. They war one with another over the land’s of this world and it’s wealth, for it is the desire of their heart’s to have and yet to have nothing in the end of all of their futility.

They have made all nation’s drink the blood of their poison and to enter into the fornication with the House of Pharaoh that they may be servant’s, chained in the prison, as Joseph/
Yúwsphah is chained by the lust’s of the world that are stronger than Pharaoh’s iron ring’s.

Their God/God’s are creator’s of this world, of which the Supra Consciousness say’s, this world is NOT the Kingdom of HhaALhhim/The Gods Elohyim.

The dogma's of this world have nursed the people’s to think that they may call upon their god’s to save them, to deliver them, to heal their corrupt bodies' that they may continue a little longer in the world of deception. If there is no god, then who shall we pray to, who shall we serve, who will heal us, who will rule over us and judge our enemies?
“The Torah is the foundation of all other writing’s in the Bible. It is only valid as it is understood. And it can be read as Myth or History! Or as a great guide of Wisdom to comprehend the nature of Shmual, reads it as the latter of the three. Further; however, the writing’s that are within the scroll’s on the stone’s with in each person are more complete & perfect then the black ink of the black text of Bible’s, we read. TO KNOW 160,000 WORDS: See Light and the working’s of Light.” Of course

(We would be wasting our efforts to go to another country called Israel,

Though the writing’s are lost to a wayward generation,

people that seek for them for there is no country nor land called Israel / YishARAL in the Torah Teúwrah. YishARAL is the Inheritance of AL YahúWah, in which Reúwch/Spirit/Breath of YahúWah—the Spirit of the Twelve dwells. ----------The land’s of YishARAL are of Cham that are appointed for them. With YishARAL is the Arúwan---the ark of the qudashqeriviut / dis- tinguished writing’s which are inscribed within their stone’s, in which one finds and reads the scroll’s of Teúwrah / Torah / Pentateuch . they are found by the priest and the[II Malekim / Kings 22 :8]. first five book’s {7 Scrolls} of your scripture’s. In my investigation of AL/YHWH and Shmual ben Aharon,


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' The Pyramid Of Knowledge '    Author Joe 'Sarge' Kinney     

13th Month ‘TheBerwick’ As the Light comes out of the East so the White Writing’s come out of the North.

The Ink is flung out upon the Canvas of the South wherein all of the details within the Mind are opened and expressed. Every color of Thought paints the day at hand.

 To retain all that has been spread out, the Thoughts settle into the West. From the settlings of the colors of THOUGHT, the potency of all that is written is drawn off like the Wine from the Vats and bottled in the North. Shmual Wahli should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for his work of Peace at