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Ancient Paleo Hebrew Torah Light/Life Principle's of YHWH 

What is Paleo Hebrew vs. the darkness of object theology? The black ink of the black text is corrupted. The White Text Torah is the scriptures from YHWH.Object Theology is about persons places and things. We are all about THOUGHT THEOLOGYYou are Hebrew, YishARAL---We are all YishARAL, Hebrews.The Light has started to shine for humankind.

         When one has been told about this great message from Yah and they turn their back upon the holy writing’s then they have dropped into the darkness of flesh: For acquiring the Gold of Oneness, Unity and your release from the darkness of separateness you have choosen to act as: The fruit that is weighed are those borne by the increase of gold, silver, and bronze. Though you produce a harvest in one year that is large, and another harvest that is small, every thing that one has harvest-ed within their soul is retained and re-corded within the soul itself. The harvest of one’s field’s is directly related to how wide your Ring’s have expanded during a year. The expansion of the Ring’s is by the studies of The Torah  HhaTeúwrah; the implemen- tation’s of the teaching’s into the daily oylah (Numbers 28). When you stand on the scale’s in the Day of Dan (The Judge), every deed that has been done by the soul will be weighed to determine the increase unto YahúWah. If the fruit is not of Wisdom and Understanding it will count for nothiYou will not be punished by your faults, for you have afflicted yourself by your wayward-ness. If there is utterly no fruit for YahúWah due to the mind of that Name choosing to renounce service unto the Most High, then that mind will utterly fall head long and will not see with its eyes the celestial Kingdom. Their talent of gold and silver will be given to another head that shall rise in it’s place, for the Most High will not impose duty of service upon anyone unwelling. The Name that is spoken by the Priest / Kuwáhnim, being strand’s of gold and silver will not perish, but will be placed within a House of it’s lineage in which it shall serve with freedom with those who have been setting their hearts upon the Most High. Un-profitable servant’s shall loose their talent, whereby they have their assignments for the Most High.